Saturday, 31 May 2014


The porcelain sandwiches are coming out thick and fast now... only 100 or so more to go! Tony Bartholomew took some press shots the other day. I like the idea of the picnic basket, which reminds me, I really should dig out a rather pertinent suitcase from my mum's loft to take the sandwiches to York in. One of my more tortured childhood memories involving the tall ships race and corned beef and onion sandwiches!! My fathers brainwave! One day I'll tell the full story... perhaps at my artists talk....

Friday, 23 May 2014

PRESS - CC #todayimmaking

The Crafts Council very kindly covered me on their #todayimmaking feature. Thanks guys. 

Today I'm making... Porcelain sandwiches for @YorkCuriouser 

Saturday, 10 May 2014

STUDIO - Button Project

I've created 3 buttons for Jo Dahn's Button Project... The 2 blue buttons were made at the time of working on 'GOVESHY' for the Art Party Conference. The tiger button was made alongside my 'Trilogy of Death' series. I love sending things like this off for contribution in group projects and exhibitions. 

Thursday, 8 May 2014

PRESS - Crafts Mag (exhibition review)

Great review by Anna Burnside in Crafts Magazine, pity she got the wrong end of the stick/knife & fork with the Death of Sainsbury's though. She surmised that Monrow is feeding the tiger not eating the tiger. I shall have to re-look at how I display this piece in the future. I had previously displayed Monrow with his knife and fork resting on the tummy of the tiger but I thought to move him to the end to make him a bit clearer and have him eating a bit of a delicacy of tiger tongue. Will definitely reconsider the positioning in future. I might possibly have to get new studio photographs taken of the trilogy again to compensate for this. Makes you think how clear you have to be in your thought process and how what you're trying to convey can be construed. 

Crafts Magazine's Review of Hidden Agenda