Friday, 19 February 2016

WORKSHOP - Sea Monsters, Drop in at the Rotunda

A very busy day running Drop In activities at the Rotunda Museum in Scarborough, the theme for the day was sea monsters, there were quite a few amazing creations throughout the day...  I'm including several images on my blog for people from yesterday's sessions to look at, there were loads more sea monsters made that I didn't manage to photograph due to the busy nature of the day... sorry if I've missed anybody's work out :-)








Thursday, 18 February 2016

PRESS - BBC Radio Kent

Image result for bbc radio kent

I was invited to appear on BBC Radio Kent today talking about my Tureen Heads. The topic being discussed on the show was hoarding or decluttering and the lady presenter - Erika North had bought two of my heads from a Gallery in Margate... She was telling everyone about them and how she would never part with them. You can listen to the show on iPlayer for the next 28 days... Here's the link:

There's a lovely introduction to my heads by Erika at 7.5 minutes in and then I appear at 1hr 8 minutes in...

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

WORKSHOP - 'Going Potty' at Scarborough Art Gallery

A lovely little ceramic workshop in Scarborough Art Gallery yesterday. We spent the day making handmade mugs... here's a small selection.



Wednesday, 3 February 2016

DRAWINGS - Experiments into Psychic Art

This drawing just blew my mind a little, I've been experimenting with psychic drawing and tonight I drew this image at the back of a full room of people. I put pen to paper having no idea of what would come out and then this little chap appeared, I felt his name was Robert and that he was a builder. I was also very drawn to a chap in the room who I thought this drawing was connected to... I approach the gentleman that I think this man is connected to at the end of the session, as he is leaving. I ask him if he can take the name Robert on the spirit side, he seems doubtful and says to me ‘not really’… Gah, thinking I am wrong on the name I show him my drawing instead, straight away he says ‘I know who that is! he only died a few months ago’, Wow I think… I carry on with the other bit of information that I have, I’m not sure if he was a builder I say. ‘He was’ he tells me, ‘we worked on quite a few jobs together’… Great! two out of three I think… But his name was not Robert I ask?, ‘it was’ he tells me… What!? I thought you said you didn’t know a Robert! ‘We all called him Bob but his name was Robert’… and he looked like that? I ask in disbelief… ‘Yes!’ he replies, ‘I’ve been thinking about him a bit recently, he died 5 months ago’, oh… well he just wanted to say a little hello to you I say. Thank you he says to me, clearly slightly taken aback himself. I'm not quite sure what to make of this experience... making me question lots!

Monday, 1 February 2016

WORKSHOP - Birds for the Big Garden Birdwatch Weekend

I really enjoyed running some workshops with the Art Club at Scarborough Museums Trust this weekend. Some lovely watercolour birds were produced, as well as some super drawings in other mediums. It's quite a big age difference with the Art Group so it's interesting to see how the little ones push themselves. This timed in nicely for the Big Garden Birdwatch Weekend.