Thursday, 29 March 2012

WORK IN PROGRESS - Chicken acquisition II

Ceramic chicken egg holder

I've just bought this beauty in an antiques shop for £1 - I couldn't believe the price! I'm currently scouring charity shops and ebay for different varieties of these vintage classics. I've not come across this style one before, the eggs on the base are such a bonus! Can't wait to make a cast of it and get producing and subverting my own copies for Farm World.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

OUT & ABOUT - Visiting Stef Mitchell's studio

Artist Stef Mitchell in her portacabin studio

Spent a lovely evening with the very talented artists Stef Mitchell & Ian Mitchell at the Duchess in York yesterday, watching the also very talented singer Liz Green perform on her current tour. Had the opportunity today to see Stef's portacabin Studio and some of her new body of work... which I must say is very desirable (think she might have noticed if I'd tried to smuggle a piece out!). Sigh... One day maybe I'll be able to afford to buy some contemporary art.

Stef's blog -
Stef's website -

Saturday, 24 March 2012

AIM & CLICK - Dust collective

Scarborough harbours dust at ALMA

Beautiful old typewriter gathering beautiful dust in the Alma Inn in Scarborough...

Friday, 23 March 2012

INSPIRATION - Staffordshire Cow Head

Staffordshire pottery - Cheese plate & cover, 19th Century

What a beauty! I love this piece... I shall definitely be drawing some influence from it when I come to create my Staffordshire style cow for Farm World.

Thursday, 22 March 2012


Work in progress - The GM Reaper

Focusing my attentions back onto FARM WORLD, this is my next exhibition and will have three main components. I'm currently working on THE GM REAPER. This is a new way of working for me, usually I build up my models but here I have started with a large block of clay and am carving into it... I intend to press mould the finished piece so lots of stages still to go.

Monday, 19 March 2012

WORKSHOP - Workshop heads made by Cultiv8

Delivered the first batch of mini heads made by Cultiv8 during the Phrenology Head workshops to the Art Gallery. We concentrated on modern health conditions so I like to think of them as being AILMENTOLOGY HEADS. The heads will be split up and displayed in both the ladies and Gents... more heads to follow when decorated.

First batch of 'Ailmentology heads' made during workshops

Friday, 16 March 2012

Delivery of CHARMOLOGY HEAD to Scarborough Museums Trust

Shirley Collier, Chief Executive of Scarborough Museums Trust.

Charmology Head outside of its new home for the next 6 months.

Delivered the finished CHARMOLOGY HEAD to Scarborough Museums Trust today. It will be exhibited in the Fears, Foes & Faeries Exhibition in the Art Gallery. Fears, Foes & Faeries

CHARMOLOGY HEAD... It's Finished!

The lustred & finished CHARMOLOGY HEAD

This charming man! It's finished! The gold lustre didn't run! Phew... although I have managed to leave purple blotches all over the top of head where I've tried to wipe away any excess gold lustre and it's left a faint trace... oh well - at least the head was so pink that you don't notice it that much! I have learned a valuable lustre lesson today.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

WORK IN PROGRESS - Charmology Head

Decals fired on


WORK IN PROGRESS - Have transformed the tash! Also received the decals from FotoCeramic yesterday, have applied them to the head and it's back in the kiln...

...The ceramic decals firing done... Clarke's handwritten labels and the Charmology text have transformed the head. Thought of declaring the piece finished at this point - time to draw the line. Drawing the line was exactly what I should do... many lines, in Gold Lustre, Of course!Put the head back in the kiln this morning, not something I would recommend to the faint hearted! I don’t have vast experience of applying lustre’s and now when I try to recall some of my previous attempts I seem to remember that they ran. So fingers crossed I’m not going to open the kiln tomorrow to runny gold lustre lines on the day I deliver the work to the Gallery!! I think I must secretly enjoy the pressure, I could have erred on the side of caution but I thought the gold lustre would add to the glorious over the topness of the piece, and also add to my trepidation it would seem.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

EXHIBITION - Ferens Art Gallery, Hull

Outing to the Ferens Art Gallery in Hull today... whilst I was there I took some photos of a piece of my ceramics that's in their current exhibition. THE DEATH OF SAINSBURY'S will be displayed until April 15th.

Death of Sainsbury's - Ferens Art Gallery

Death of Sainsbury's - Ferens Art Gallery

Thursday, 8 March 2012

WORK IN PROGRESS - Installing charms with Cultiv8

Spent some time today helping Cultiv8 (Scarborough Museums Trusts - Youth Group) install the health charms into the Fears Foes & Faeries exhibition in the Art Gallery. Whilst I was there I took up the Work in Progress Charmology Head to see what it’s going to look like in its allocated space… everyone was excited to see it! Have brought it back to continue working on it - it still needs the decals of the charm labels added and the tash sorted. The exhibition looks Fab! A complete wonderland! Scarborough Museums Trust have tweeted a little *spoiler alert* photo of the Charmology Head from today… Thought I’d share it… I took some photos too but best wait until the exhibition opens before I post any!!

Testing the work in progress head on its plinth

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

WORK IN PROGRESS - Charmology Head

Grinding of the tash

Opened the kiln today to reveal a well glossy and ultra thickly glazed Charmology Head! Oops! Was thinking to myself as I glazed it that maybe the glaze was a bit thick!! Well it was! The glazed has pooled really thickly in some areas creating loss of definition and cloudy opaque patches! It’s worst on the tash and a tooth, am busy grinding the glaze off these areas and will paint on an on-glaze enamel instead… won’t be as ultra glossy as the rest of the head but I think it should work well as there were a couple of the charms I didn’t put any glaze on as I thought they would look more authentic without. The head’s a wee bit more pink than I had expected it to be too, quite like this however, it adds to the psychedelic feeling of the piece!

WORK IN PROGRESS - William Clarke Labels

William Clarke's handwritten health charm labels.

Still busy sorting out the handwritten labels William Clarke wrote to explain the charms he collected… I’ve scanned the labels and am busy resizing them in Photoshop before I send the photoshop file off to be made into ceramic decals. These will then be added to the Charmology head. There are also 3 charms on the head that Clarke did not write labels for, I will have to build up and create these labels from scratch in photoshop by taking a letter at a time from Clarke's other labels

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

INSPIRATION - Womens Shoes ca. 1650

INSPIRATION - Wowsers... just come across this image, they conjure up all sorts of imaginings

DRAWINGS - Art Gallery

Art Gallery (6th March 2012) maybe I’ll finish it one day - or maybe it will never be finished - or maybe it is finished….

WORK IN PROGRESS - Charmology Head II

Charmology Head II

Spare Charmology Head… just in case! This one’s going to remain all white. Finished modelling and leaving to dry…

Monday, 5 March 2012

DRAWINGS - Waiting Room


This is the beginning of my Blog… I’m going to launch straight into it starting from where I’m at now… currently I’m busy with a commission from Scarborough Museums Trust and their youth group Cultiv8 to create a phrenology based head inspired by the charm collection of William Clarke. This will be on display during their Fears Foes and Faeries exhibition which runs from March 23rd until September 30th 2012.