Thursday, 13 September 2012

THE FAMILY - Inheritance, the family ceramics

Been spending a couple of days this week with my sisters trying to sort out some space in our storage area of potential inheritance. We seem to have a rather large collection of delightful Royal Doulton Ceramics... although maybe not the type most would imagine! One of the parents many business ventures was a builders merchants in the 1970's... this lasted a few years (until the business partner ran off with all the money), we were left with all the stock which we seem to have lovingly never parted with since! There were some fab colours in 1970's bathroom ware (maybe not the avocado however)... I love these pedestals although my sisters nearly killed me when I piped up that I would like to keep them to use in some sort of installation someday...

1970's sink pedestals.

Small section of sinks.

Small section of the 1970's cisterns & Pans.

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