Thursday, 29 January 2015

PORTFOLIO - Day 5, Artists Challenge

The last day of the 5 day artists challenge... it's getting harder to choose as there are so many things that I'm having to miss out! I also haven't had room to include any of my drawings or paintings which is a shame, these are today's images: 

Image 1 - The Goveshy, this was a piece of work that I made for the Art Party Conference at Scarborough Spa on the 23rd November 2013. The busts of Michael Gove were made from an 'in-kind' donation of Wedgwood blue Jasperware clay. The piece was intended to reference the destruction that Michael Gove was making by intending to remove art from the Ebacc for schools. 

More on the Goveshy can be found at my website:

Karen Thompson - Goveshy, Ceramic & Wood

Image 2 is The Death of Sainsbury's, this is taken from my Trilogy of Death series. The series includes and was inspired by a copy of the Staffordshire pottery piece The Death of Munrow. I've made two contemporary companion pieces using the same elements as the original work, ie the man and tiger and I've re-arranged them to remark on contemporary social issues. The Death of Sainsbury's turns everything both metaphorically and literally on its head commenting on the simplicity of the food chain and the predominance of supermarkets within it.

More about the Trilogy of Death can be found on my website: 

Karen Thompson - The Death of Sainsbury's (ceramic and plastic). Photo: David Chalmers

Image 3 is a selection of my Tureen Heads, these are a series of Victorian Chaps inspired by the Victorian ceramics of phrenology heads and animal tureens. They are a simple play bringing both of these elements together to create a fun modern day twist for the contemporary dinner party, I imagine the response as the lid is removed to reveal a bowl of cauliflower florets or perhaps peas!

Karen Thompson - Tureen Heads (Ceramic), Photo: David Chalmers

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